The Wonders of Wearing Crystal Jewelry

 In today’s world many of us are wearing crystal jewelry.  Countless celebrities are using them and affirming their amazing outcomes. Using crystals as a practice for self-care is becoming very popular. This ancient spiritual practice that promotes healing through the crystal’s vibrations has been used since the early history and is widely used in many cultures, religions, and traditions.

Crystals work hand in hand with your energy points or chakras, wearing them helps them to nurture your body’s needs more effectively. Acting similar to sponges, crystals soak up remnants of your daily emotions, and activities throughout the day. While wearing them  you will know, they are always working for you and serve as reminders of your daily intentions.

The power of crystal energy is useful for all of us. If you are seeking to cleanse yourself of  negativity, or promote connection to your highest self, manifest monetary wealth, crystals help in your journey.

Consciously wearing crystals allows their energy to work intimately with your inner self. What could be easier than wearing a gorgeous necklace or stunning pair of earrings? Adding healing gems, is a quick and easy way to harness the power of your chosen crystal. 



 There are several well-known benefits of wearing and using crystals, accepted by many people and spiritual practitioners.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Enhancing your physical, emotional, and mental well-being by affecting your energy points (or Chakras)
  • Protecting the wearer from negativity, including low vibrational thinking, or protecting you from people who may be energy vampires.
  • Connecting you to your intuition, higher self, and spirit guides.
  • If you feel stuck, crystals can be a great means to open up ideas.


If you’ve been working with crystals for some time, you already know how powerful they can be. Whether you meditate with them, use them to decorate your home, or keep them in your space for healing purposes, you’ve seen what they can do. Now imagine that power but amplified by direct physical contact. 

Experts say crystals act as a power hold for healing, they allow positive energy to flow into the body and rid the negative, toxic energy. Like other forms of alternative therapy, crystals work by channelizing your energy levels, so they, focus on healing your body from the inside.

Since they are all natural and from our Mother Earth, they hold the energies of the sun, moon, and oceans (all-natural healing energies). to help with any negative state. When you place or hold a crystal over the body, it interacts with the body's chakras and promotes physical and mental wellness. Used in a certain way, it can also improve your concentration, creativity, promote physical, emotional, and spiritual cleansing.

Crystals vibrate at the same as humans and maximize the healing abilities we already have. Because of this comforting feeling, when you place a crystal on the body, it helps you connect better and feel calm.

Healing crystal jewelry can transform your energy, renew your spirits, and positively affect your physical health and mental well-being in phenomenal ways. Every crystal has unique healing properties that can bring powerful, positive change to your life. Crystals work to help remove energy blockages, bring in positive energy, and heal the body, mind, and spirit. When you surround yourself with positive energy, it helps you to live a healthier, happier life.


One way to combine crystals into your daily life is through braceletts. Your body will benefit from the vibrations directly touching your skin. Whatever stone you want, choose it with intention, and be sure the stones have a setting that enables them to touch your skin. They are most powerful when this occurs. You can even mix and match powerful gemstones and crystals that best describes your purpose or needs.



I believe in the process of crystal energy. When you are wearing a piece or pieces, each one’s elements and metaphysical energies, raise your energetic vibrations. That’s the difference between just wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry or choosing a sacred crystal piece. Beyond their beauty they carry so much meaning.

You might choose to stack bracelets. Many wear them constantly until they might even fall off or possible break in some way.   It has been thought that’s how we know their mystical power has worked and it’s time for another intention. When it is no longer needed, the piece of jewelry or stone itself, may break or fall off. No need to be disheartened, when it happens, it’s for your Highest Good, its job is done for now.

Another point, be sure you are aware of which side of the body you’re wearing your stones and crystals on. The left is your side of inner work. If your gemstones are working with inner soul properties, like self-empowerment or healing, then wear them on your left wrist. The right side is for external energy. If you are seeking external help, like abundance or maybe seeking help with a new job, wear it  on your right wrist.  Just follow your inner gut feeling and enjoy the process.


Like any energetic or metaphysical tool, you should clear your jewelry as well. The stones you choose to wear out in the world may need to be cleansed and charged more often than the stones you keep at home. Remember, they are interacting and protecting you from  negative energies, you will want to cleanse your pieces regularly. They’re working non-stop for your Highest Good and they need a recharge just like we do.

You can do this by:

Smudging – Run your crystal jewelry through Sage or Palo Santo  smoke as you imagine their energy  being cleansed.

Sun and Moon Cleanse- The Full Moon light – Leave your pieces out to charge at the Full Moon. This will cleanse and recharge your stones. Or cleanse them in the sun light, but be careful some stones can fade, so, just leave them out for a short time. They’re working non-stop for your Highest Good and they need a recharge just like we do.

Ocean Cleanse – If the full moon is too far away, you can opt to wash them in salt water or even take them for a dip in the Ocean.


Every crystal has its own unique properties to help you with your journey in life. If you are not sure how to choose or begin, you can always start with your birthstones. You can choose from Traditional, Mystical and Contemporary Birthstones, until you are comfortable with taking the next step.

Crystal jewelry pieces are a beautiful addition to your everyday life, and to have a healthy mind and body. With all the stress that individuals are continuously facing nowadays, it is good to know that there are healing jewelry that are here to keep you focused and grounded when you need them the most.

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