Our Angels and the Hirarchy of all our Divine Guides

Did you know that there are different types of angels? There is even an angelic hierarchy,  there are both angels in heaven and angels around you watching life on earth.

Do you believe in angels? Quite Possibly you have already encountered an Angel in your life without even realizing. It might be that nice person who lent a hand, completely out of the blue, the nurse who stayed with you in the hospital waiting room, or that person who returned a that piece of jewelry you were so sad to have lost.  We are blessed with angels in this world so they could  help us, with all walks of life.

We often call on our Creator, when meditating/praying for courage, enlightenment, or wisdom. But it’s not just Him handling our heavenly support team. You can call on the spirit guides, loved ones in spirit, and of course, angels. They all work with God to provide the highest good and communicate with us through inner voices and feelings.

Spirit guides may not always descend from humans. Some can live as energy, or as light beings, these are very high-level spirit guides. Some are persons who have lived many former lifetimes and have paid their Karmic debts, and then advanced past the need to reincarnate.

Finding out who your spirit guides is not difficult task. We all have our own our inner voice, that gut feeling.

You need only ask. Try just closing your eyes, meditating/praying while asking who your guides are. You will feel, maybe hear, or just sort of, know the answer. It really is as easy as this.

The Magnificent realm of our Divine Creator and Angels is so vast and full of several different types of Angels, all at our beck and call. Did you know that there are different types of angels? There is even an angelic hierarchy, where there are both angels in heaven and angels around you watching life on earth. It is quite possible for us to have several different guides from different planes of the Angel realm.

Sometimes people refer Celestial Beings as "regular angels", but they are far from “regular”. Each Angel is a special guardian of people and all things physical. These angels are sent as messengers to humanity. Personal Guardian Angels are this type. All Angels protect and warn humans as well as act as warriors on the Divine’s behave.

Below are descriptions of some the many different ranks of the angelic hierarchy. They each come to us with much love, acceptance, and deep compassion.

Spirit Guides

Your Spirit Guides are always with you for daily interactions for the experiences that you are meant to have. They help in motivating you to take a particular class, learn a certain experience, or even go to that perfect parking spot at just the right moment.

Have you ever felt like someone was watching over you? Have you heard a whisper or went with a thought that led you away from danger or a bad decision. If any of this resonates, then yes, you’ve had contact with your spirit guides. Spirit guides are celestial beings that have entered a soul contract with you to help guide you through the earthly world to your greatest potential. They can take many different forms. Some believe that you’re assigned a specific team at birth, while others believe that guides come and go as you need them throughout your lifetime.

Guardian Angels

Every one of us has a guardian angel. They have been with you since your birth. They know you best and are considered the leader of your spirit guide team. Your Guardian Angels are with you from birth through death. They support, and protect you, while aiding your growth on this life journey because the universal law of freewill. They will never intervene unless you call on them for support—or if you are in a life-threatening situation and it is not time for you to leave this world. They must allow negative experiences for your soul, so you learn how to overcome them. They love you unconditionally and are always by your side, just waiting for you to ask for help


In comparison to Angels and Guardian Angels, Archangels are of a much higher consciousness. They work simultaneously with many entire groups of, or many, individuals at one time, unlike Guardian Angels, who are assigned to one person.

They are the go inbetweeners for our earth and the higher realms. When you call on them, they help with protection, encouragement for personal growth, higher wisdom, and messages of healing. Archangels protect the whole mankind. They come to us with love, acceptance, and compassion. Their duties include assistance in life paths, our soul contracts, keeping order within our world, and much more. They also help us receive wisdom and divine inspiration. There are many Archangels who can be called upon at any time for assistance.  Some Archangels more familiar are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Chamuel, and Ariel. Archangels are the leaders of the angels. They are very powerful, each has their own area of focus such as for healing, protection, or strength.


Your ancestors are a big part of your spirit guide team.

It is believed that these ancestor guides have crossed and now act as mediators between the living and the divine creator. This might be a parent, grandparent, or even distant relative. It may be ancestors you have never met, or from many decades ago or even centuries ago in a past life. Ancestor spirit guides may come on their own or you can call on them for assistance. This can be especially useful if you need the power of more than one ancestor at a time. Many people are sure that finding a dime or even a penny is a sign from a passed loved one. This is thought as a loved one urging you to pay attention and trust your instincts and intuition.  So, keep watch for that coin that has a year that was important in some way to someone who has passed, seeing a butterfly or hummingbird and know that they are near and watching over you.

Nature’s Spirits

Nature spirits are ethereal beings that don't have a physical form.

This could be mother earth, fairies, elves, mermaids, elves, leprechauns, or any other spirits associated with our beautiful outdoor nature.

A lot can be put into this category and it's up to you, your beliefs, on which, if any, nature spirit guides you call on for assistance. Common and popular nature spirit guides include Gaia, fairies, nymphs, gnomes, mermaids, elves, leprechauns, and many more. If you're hoping for some nature spirits to join your spirit guide team, they would be happy to help. However, they are probably already with you. Just look closely at any photo taken in a beautiful area of nature. I bet you will find some friends hidden away among the flowers, trees, reeds, or even water. Look closer at the sparkle, a shadow, or the extra leaf. Remember like angels, you can also call on nature spirits for temporary guidance and assistance.


Spirit Animals

Animal spirits are guides who have chosen us. Unlike other guides we are born with, or were assigned to us, or knew in a certain lifetime, these special animal spirit guides chose you for one reason or another. This could be to teach us something or it could be a pet we connected with who has since passed on. You might have several animal spirits come to join your guide team to teach you something. These lessons may result in a lifelong animal spirit guide, then others may come in and out of your life as you need them. Animal spirit guides often appear to us in imagery. This can be through photos, dreams, real-life sightings, or even a note card your friend sent you. Try to be mindful of yourself and the world around you. Be aware when there may be an important opportunity coming up for you. As this nears, you might notice peacocks in dreams, images, or even just their colors. Peacocks are the sign of self-confidence, pride, and knowledge. The is a sure message from the peacock that it is there, by your side, to help. Or maybe if you are an overachiever, you might find that you see slower animals around like turtles, snails or sloths. This is to help remind you to slow down, relax, and enjoy life. Lifelong animal spirit guides include any pets you've had and connected with throughout your life. These special friends may know you better than anyone else.  It is not always easy to communicate with them, but you can still request their guidance. Just be ready for the messages that they send. They are always symbols of encouragement, hope and guidance.

Ascended Masters

An Ascended Master is the spirit of a person who has lived on this Earth as a human being, usually for many lifetimes. Ascended masters are thought to have lived many lives, learned untold lessons, and achieved enlightenment. As such, they are very high-level spirit guides. After achieving enlightenment, their soul transcended the cycle of reincarnation. Similar to the archangel spirit guides, you are likely not to be assigned an ascended master spirit guide. Instead, you can ask for their assistance and guidance for specific issues and problems you are facing. Some ascended masters include Mother Mary, Buddha, Jesus, Confucius, Krishna, Moses, St. Germain, and many, many more. These Master guides help guide you through your humanness to manifest your divine self which helps to make your journey less complicated and painful. When you join with your Master Guides it can have a huge impact in your life. Ascended Masters guide you back into harmony with your soul and then amazing and miraculous things often happen.


The divine creator brought us these angelic beings, Cherubim, as His security agents. Cherubs guard the things most important to God. Cherubim are considered in traditional beliefs as angels of the second highest order, alongside Seraphim and Thrones.

The Cherub has been depicted as having two sets of wings and four faces: that of a lion (representative of all wild animals), an ox (domestic animals), a human (humanity), and an eagle (birds). The legs were straight, the soles of their feet like the hooves of a bull, gleaming like polished brass. Yet, others have also shown Cherubs as with a variety of physical appearances, finally ending with that of a small, plump, winged boy. Whatever the look you choose to see as your truth, it is apparent that the Cherub is seen in all faiths with great admiration.  Cherubs are very close to the Divine and that they are by far superior, perhaps, far beyond our comprehension. So, the next time you might see what seems to be smaller burst of light maybe in your peripheral vision darting about, you are being messaged by the highest of angelic powers, take note!

How Your Spirit Guides May Answer You

You can ask any of the above angels for help at any time. It’s all about what feels right for you! But they can’t just tell you the answers. That doesn't mean they can't answer in other ways. Most often your guides will communicate with you through signs.

Try to be mindful of yourself and your surroundings to take in the signs around you, as well as your own feelings. If you're not yet in touch with your inner self or your gut feelings, your spirit guide may also communicate with you through your instinct, or emotions. They always find a way to answer, you just need to tune in.