INTRODUCING…. Smokeless Cleansing/Smudging Sprays

Ever had the feeling that sometimes there’s a heaviness in the air surrounding you? You don’t really know why but it’s there. The energy just feels off and life isn’t flowing as usual. It’s negative energy floating around like the dark cloud over “Eeyore” and, it’s invaded your space.

We might experience bad dreams, crankiness, there may be short tempers,  just an all-around uneasiness in your home or space.

 I carry my “Super Cleanse Spray” with me at  all times and I also have it ready at home. Even though I love the smell of burning my two preferred wands, Sage, or Palo Santo, some of my family members don’t, so I keep my, “Smokeless Terminator Sprays“, always handy. It’s faster, easier, you can clear a home in minutes.

 There are many other reasons why you might prefer them. A smudge spray uses the healing properties of essential oils and charged water for clearing. Not only is it convenient and a portable alternative for energy cleansing, especially if you’re travelling or somewhere where smoke is not allowed. It can also be healthier if you suffer with allergies or any medical conditions such as migraines or asthma.

I make my own using my essential oils and energized waters and infused with crystals available at Becky’s Artisan Creations: Sage Spray, Palo Santo Spray, and Super Cleansing Spray.  And coming soon Super Moon Cleanse.


Some helpful tips in choosing the right one for your smudge spray. First any cleansing/smudging is a very personal ritual. You don’t just spray it around like a room sanitizer. You are asking to have harmful negativities removed from your Space, Home, Auras. This needs a solid mindset of Intention/ Prayer and as I like to say “You gotta have heart”. Ask what you want, from your Soul. Smudging is a deeply sacred practice and with great intentions, you will receive, what you request.



Here are some uses for spiritual cleansing sprays:

Before spiritual practice - A beautiful, calming way of creating a sacred space and sanctuary for your spiritual practice. Using a cleansing spray is a way to ground yourself and cleanse your energy before meditation, prayer, or rituals. Plus, the scent of essential oils has calming therapeutic properties that help relax your mind into a meditative state.

To cleanse your home - The most popular use for a sage spray is to help clear negative energy from your home. If you have a new home or a spring-cleanse, a smokeless alternative is great. Spritz throughout each room.

For negative energy protection- If you’ve ever felt you might be the target of a psychic attack, this is understandably frightening. In this situation cleansing rituals, with extra crystals and energized ingredients are apriority. To use, spray liberally, walk through the mist, close your eyes. As you [do this, visualize being purified and cleansing your whole energetic field, creating a shield of protection against any further attack.

 For cleansing events and rituals- Examples include Birthdays, any other events that  depict endings or new beginnings, such as a new year or Manifesting rituals, moon rituals around a new moon or eclipse. Getting ready to Travel, give your car a spritz and quick positive intention before starting any lengthy drives.

 Before Reiki or Healing work- For Reiki, energy healing, you can use a spray to cleanse the healing space. The scent helps create a calming atmosphere for this healing workspace. Also, for any other healing rituals  it is perfect for cleansing prior to the healing. Also, if you’ve experienced a painful ending on a more personal level, such as a breakup, a cleansing ritual may also aid your healing process.

 Before yoga or physical activity-  If you practice yoga, you might enjoy incorporating a cleansing spray to help improve your focus or aid in relaxation. The essential oils’ aromatherapeutic benefits can help calm and clear your mind.

 To cleanse crystals-  A great and easy use of your energy cleansing spray for your crystals. This is a perfect smokeless way to help clear accumulated energy before programming them. You can spritz your crystals directly, or spray into the air and wave them through the mist.

 To cleanse belongings - Aside from spiritual tools, you can cleanse any objects that may need a vibrational reset. This includes clothing or things that carry memories or energetic imprints. The same goes for any other objects that you bring into your home.

 Before sleep - A Cleansing spray with essential oils is a wonderful tool to help with a relaxing bedtime routine. The scent of the oil is soothing and calming and can help set the mood for restful sleep.  Also, great if awoken by bad dreams, give the bed and area a spray to clear all negative dreams. When using a cleansing spray for spiritual reasons, it can also help protect and cleanse your energy field before sleep.

 For a final step- Try this to help things along (If you are unsure what to recite)

Take a deep inhale and exhale. Set an intention/prayer. Clear the space with Your Spray. Set an intention again.

Here are a couple of Mantras/ Prayers

 “ Cleanse and bless this home and hearth.
Drive away all harm and fear,
So that only good may dwell in here.”
“I cleanse my home of any heaviness and negativity”
“Divine protector and healer, cleanse my spirit, home, and other family members by with your cleansing, white light. Let it cleanse and create powerful boundaries to keep the evils away from us. Help us to purify ourselves and our home, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, And, so it is, Amen.”
Complete the with a deep inhale and exhale.
Final Thoughts

No matter how you decide to cleanse your space and objects, Cleansing is a must to clear the negative energies we all pick up on a daily basis. Intentions go a long way when it comes to cleansing a space and you don't always need smoke to do it. Don’t forget to open a door or window, when you are cleansing, open windows or doors to allow the negativity a way to leave. Good luck cleansing your spaces and objects.