How Crystals and Gemstones Affect Us

How Crystals and Gemstones Affect Us

Science has proven that Energy is everything, and everything is energy. You, the coffee cup you’re holding, the chair you sit on, and the crystals you know and love –it is all vibrating energy.

Just like everything else on this planet, we all have a specific unique vibrational frequency. Higher vibrations radiate from those showing kindness, love, peace, and compassion. People with lower vibrations tend to have low-vibe emotions like jealousy, anxiety, anger, or fear.

As humans, our vibrations are unstable and easily influenced. It is always changing as we’re around people, social media, under pressure, if we experience good news, bad news, memories, etc.

However, crystals are made of very stable energy frequencies that don’t change.  Crystals are made up of set, always repeating, geometric patterns of molecules. They are basically stability with no effort. The opposite of our always changing, unstable human nature.

Why does this matter? The more stable energy = powerful energy. This powerful energy can mold the energies around it.  Therefore, crystals can deeply influence our human auras.

How to use Crystals & Gemstones in Spirituality 

I keep it simple. Candles, some crystals & essential oils, make up pretty much my entire collection. You can work with as many items or tools you desire. The only important thing is that it feels right and meaningful to you. I enjoy using tools of the earth with my crystals, to help me to achieve intentions: (flowers, petals, essential oils & candles). Spiritually, crystals and stones are often known as 'healing crystals' because of their metaphysical, and energetic healing properties. There are many different theories as to how healing crystals work.

Crystals can serve as a visual reminder of an intention you’ve set or a way of feeling what you want to have. Crystals can also help you feel grounded and centered. Feeling supported, thinking with a clear mind and open heart, whatever is right for you. If you’re feeling confused or lost, meditate with crystals, or just hold a crystal in your hand to bring you back to center. Another plus is they can help you feel grounded. Being grounded can be different for everyone. It’s about feeling supported with a clear mind and heart, with the understanding that you know what’s best for you.

Even if healing crystals are no more than a soothing effect in terms of physical or mental healing, they play a deeply supportive role in your spirituality and intuitive healing process. Crystals are associated with energies such as love, clarity, protection, and cleansing, all which are helpful in so many ways.

Cleansing and Charging Crystals


Step one in working with your new crystal is to cleanse it. Cleansing is an important step because your crystals have probably passed through many hands and energies before arriving to you. There are many ways of cleansing with the sun, the moon, or the sea. I am just sharing what I have found easiest and is suitable for all crystals.

Moonlight Cleansing

 In this way of cleansing, you   just need to set your crystals   outside or in a windowsill in   the moonlight. This is best   done on a full moon when the   moon's power is strongest, but   really can be done during any   moon phase. It’s best to   cleanse your crystals when you   first get them, but you should   also plan to cleanse them   regularly. This is needed most if they are in high traffic areas, where they may be picking up a many outside energies.

Charging Crystals with Your Energies      

      Now that your crystals are cleansed, they are ready   to be charged! Charging crystals is just programming   them with your intentions and goals. The words   cleansing and

 charging  are sometimes  used     together, and you   might  hear about   “charging” their   crystals in the   moonlight. This is completely okay too. Crystals can be charged with your intentions and used to call your hopes & desires to the universe, much like praying but with the extra energy boost of your crystals.


Final Thoughts 

Crystals are here to help you manifest your desires, communicate more clearly, or calm your anxiety. You can add them into your meditation, yoga, or prayers, even your drinking water. Take them with you when traveling to feel safe and energetically protected.

Crystals won’t magically make things change with a snap of your fingers – you do have to take the time and energy to help create what you want – All-in-all, I have found them to be very supportive in directing and focusing my energy, and very helpful with my prayers & intentions.