Benefits of Scented Candles Made with Essential Oils and Crystals - 'The Perfect Meditation Tool'

Beautiful hand-crafted candles with essential oils and healing crystals can give you many benefits that comfort your home just by lighting! It’s like healing your whole body especially your sense of smell. 

Candles are not used just to simply light up the dark anymore. Now a candle has many more uses and benefits. They can symbolize celebrations, set romance, soothe the senses, and beatify any home. Add essential oils and healing crystals to its ingredients and candles are no longer “just for light”. The healing crystals and essential oils work together to enhance the wellness of the mind, body, soul, and home.

I’d like to address a favorite tool to help create the perfect calming environment, Scented Meditation Candles. Meditation is one of the most sacred acts you will ever engage in. During this calming time every person is most likely trying to reel in their distracted minds. Meditation requires and strong decision to sit for some time and disconnect, this is not always that easy.

There are many tools that help you to calm yourself when preparing for meditation. I have found that adding the light and scent of a candle to my meditation helps this along. Having a scented candle around is one of the best ways to help settle our mind. Smelling your favorite fragrance in the air can be helpful for your experience into deeper meditation.

Scented candles also help in clearing negative energy and enhancing the energy level of your aura. Scented candles have been used for centuries all over the world, for various spiritual practices and to help in many healing rituals.  

And don’t forget about the flame. A flickering candle flame in front of you can be very hypnotic and can help with your calming experience. It’s kind of like sitting around a campfire, only you’re in your home smelling your favorite scent. 

I’d like to share some of my favorite candle and essential oils scents to use for help with meditation. I love these because many are known as “Angelic Fragrances”. Since my awakening journey is all about Angels, these are what I use when I make my candles.

I use crystals, essential oils and flower petals. I love to create mine from the earth’s natural resources, all these ingredients are often used for healing. With these perfectly blended all in one candle, it is like the perfect gift from nature guiding you toward your happy place.


For this reason, I have put together a list of scents and colors to help you find what is best for your calming experience:

Angelica has been referred to as the “oil of angels,” It is said to help with Comfort, Focus, Grounding, Strength, and Stamina. This fragrance can be used by those who feel uncertain, or spiritually neglected, use it when you need to call upon your personal angel. Sprinkle a few drops around the four corners of your house for protection. Angelica has soothing aromatic qualities that help create a relaxing environment.

Cedarwood Essential Oil brings balance and steadiness to the spirit. It encourages us on our path and helps to bring our dreams to reality. Cedarwood Essential Oil holds the spirits of the ancients, teaching us to hold fast to the Earth. It is one of the Angelic Fragrances. Its mystical and spiritual properties are Healing, Protection, Purification Balance, Rebirth, Regeneration, and Regrowth. Cedarwood Essential Oil brings the angels of wisdom closer. Ancient Egyptians used it to anoint the bodies of the dead, so that they may have rebirth and regrow. Native Americans have long used it for purification. Cedarwood has a warm, woodsy aroma that creates a comforting, invigorating scent to your life.

Chamomile spiritual and mystical properties are Calming, Inner Peace, Spiritual Awareness, Love, Money, Purification, and Sleep. It helps with harmonizing, peaceful, and soothing to the spirit. Chamomile operates in the realm of light, harmonizing, peaceful, and soothing to the spirit. Chamomile allows us to come close to the spiritual realms for comfort and uniting. Chamomile is one of the Angelic Fragrances. Chamomile Essential Oil touches the inner child, with the divine angels of the highest order it brings inner peace and joyfulness. Chamomile Essential Oil is golden, it helps calm nervousness and anger. It creates emotional stability; it majestically clears away past emotional debris.

Cistus is believed to be the biblical rose of Sharon, and its honey-like fragrance is soothing and uplifting. Its spiritual properties are said to be used when a person is experiencing disconnection from the spiritual self, bringing fear. It can connect to the spiritual realms with ease and bring the whole being into balance. One of the Angelic Fragrances Cistus Essential Oil is associated with the visitation of angels as a strong, overpowering aroma.

Clary Sage Essential Oil has scent that brings love to the inner spirit. It encourages calm and restoration. It has physical and psychological attributes and promotes contentment and self-love. Clary Sage Essential Oil is one of the Angelic Fragrances. The spiritual and mystical properties are Balance, Calm, Nervine, Tranquility and Wisdom. Clary Sage Essential Oil gently awakens the angelic realm of the subconscious, bringing harmony and purpose. It calms melancholy, paranoia, and stress.

Jasmine’s sweet and floral smell is one of the most popular scents for any meditation candle. It will brighten your day and help your stress melt away. Jasmine known for hundreds of years as a natural remedy for anxiety, depression, and emotional distress. it’s one of the best partners to any meditation session for someone looking to be calm and relaxed. 

Lavender is known as of the most relaxing scents in the world. It is used in pretty much in everything that has anything to do with relaxing, from candles to laundry detergent. It erases stress & promotes relaxation, and it basically takes away any feeling of anxiety or stress. To enjoy lavender simply plant lavender flowers around your home for all time enjoyment

Lemon essential oil acts as a spiritual cleanser enabling the user to focus and center. It allows the psyche to attract positivity. It opens one to the fruitfulness of life. Lemon is one of the Angelic Fragrances. Lemon Essential Oil is vitalizing and purifying to the body, mind, and soul. It allows directness and clarity in prayer. Angels often use this vibration to send feelings of happiness and calmness to us, to remind us to use the fertility and richness of the planet correctly. Lemon is a cleansing scent that represents the earth, the moon, and water.

Linden Blossom is one of the Angelic Fragrances known for Love, Luck, Protection Spiritually. Linden Blossom can be used when sadness blocks the heart from feeling love, and when we need inner peace and happiness. It is an Angelic aroma associated with angels, which brings the peace and contentment that can only come from the angelic realms. Use these throughout the home for protection

Lotus Flower essential oil has long related to spirituality and relaxation. This oil is believed to create a beautiful sense of serenity. This beautiful scent is thought to encourage the body to breathe more deeply. Lotus oil is used to help with meditation. The combination of deep breathing and to enhance effects of relaxation and this scent are thought to increase feelings of tranquility.

Olibanum aka. Frankincense when inhaled through the nose or diffused into the air may promote a sense of peace, relaxation, grounding, and connecting. It's the perfect assistance for helping into a meditative, spiritual state.

Palo santo is a sacred tree that grows in South America. For centuries, people have used the wood of the palo santo tree for spiritual rituals of cleansing and purification. In fact, the name literally means holy wood. It is said that the essential oil carries the essence of this sacred tree. This oil is very uplifting and can help one feel more connected to a higher power and in tune with oneself. The oil may remove impurities from the air. Some people also use palo santo to cleanse negative energy from gems and crystals. Try diffusing palo santo. This oil helps t us to feel grounded and secure. This essential oil can uplift and increase the perception of security and protection in your home.

Patchouli oil is commonly used in aromatherapy because of help with depression. The impact that inhaling patchouli oil has on our hormones, heightens the release of serotonin and dopamine; these hormones help in easing feelings of anger and anxiety. Patchouli oil is commonly used during prayer as it helps to create an atmosphere of tranquility. 

Rosemary’s mystical and spiritual properties are Clarity, Energy, Healing, Love, Protection, and Purification. Rosemary Essential Oil has a scent that helps the spirit to receive assistance on the spiritual highway. It helps us remember who and what we are. It is one of the Angelic Fragrances. Rosemary brings protection to the unwell. It is used to bring the healing elements of angelic beings forward. Rosemary is one of the oldest incenses. It is often burned to help get rid of negativity. It increases creativity by lifting exhaustion and it philosophically awakens your heart.

Rose Essential Oil brings unconditional love and giving. It gently brings comfort and harmony. It is one of the Angelic Fragrances. Its spiritual and mystical properties are Contentment, Happiness, Patience Healing, Love, and Protection. Rose Oil can be used to bring our consciousness closer to our angels, and to the angelic self that dwells within us. To inhale Rose Essential Oil is to inhale the love and kisses of angels. It also gives emotional comfort and protects you from the storm.

Sage spiritual and mystical properties are Courage, Grounding, Perseverance, Longevity, Protection, and Wisdom. Sage Essential Oil cleanses and purifies. It helps us to integrate a spirit that has the majesty of the heavens behind it, to call forth God/Creator and the celestial warriors to defend, heal, and protect the human spirit and Mother Earth. Oil of Sage is considered sacred and is one of the Angelic Fragrances. Use this when you are ready to bring the spiritual energy of the light beings close. It can be used to purify environments, to truly connect into the spirit of our home.

Vanilla is known to be of the most noteworthy essential oils for you. It neutralizes free radicals and helps protect your body. Vanilla can also help stimulate repair of the body for any existing damage. The most relaxing benefit of vanilla is its ability to lift your mood. This ability is due to vanillin hydroxybenzaldehyde, which lends itself to vanilla’s warm, strong aroma, making it known the “Calmer”.

Ylang Ylang has a beautiful, aromatic scent that is fruity, flowery, and rich. (Used in Chanel #5) It has been found to reduced anxiety and boost self-esteem. Studies have found that inhalation of ylang ylang had a sedative effect, by significantly reducing systolic and diastolic blood pressure rates as well as heart rates.

Just for more fun, I wanted to also share color choices and their meanings for when you are choosing a candle for meditation or your home.

  • White: promotes serenity, enhances personal strength &insight.
  • Black: for psychic protection
  • Green: helps bring your ideas alive and heightens prosperity
  • Blue: connects with your chakras & helps emotional wounds heal
  • Yellow: enhances social skills, good for new career opportunities.
  • Red: encourages love & passion.
  • Pink: for romance will welcome love.
  • Purple: heightens your spiritual enlightenment & creativity.
  • Orange: encourages ambition & helps broaden your horizons.
  • Brown: helps with all your resources -health, energy, possessions, pets, & courage.

You must choose what is best for you. Just like your favorite food, flowers, music and more. You will find what works for you and your needs. Have fun, relax, and breathe!

DISCLAIMER: Information provided in this article is for educational purposes only. For possible treatments of physical or mental diseases, please seek a trained and licensed health professional.  Becky’s Artisan Creations is not responsible for any adverse side effects resulting from the use of any suggestions, products, preparations, or procedures mentioned or from following historical uses of essential oils.